Welcome to the newest way to Replenish & Reset your body.  After years in development STAY is proud to bring you an all-natural Hemp Infused Sports Drink.  After creating the perfect Sports Drink, we took the development one step further and added our proprietary triple-cannabinoid blend of hemp.  Everyone has cannabinoid receptors in their body which make up our endocannabinoid system.  This system is designed to preserve and restore biochemical balance to your body.  STAY replenishes your body in more ways than one.

Our Fast Acting, water-soluble technology provides optimal delivery of the ingredients into your system.  Give your body what it needs when it needs it – with Zero THC!

Each flavor profile delivers a unique experience:

Charcoal Berry – Detoxify
Plum Punch – Mental Clarity
Blood Orange Acai – Strength
Tropical Turmeric – Wellness
Lemon Lime – Energy
Pineapple Mint – Calmness

STAY Unstoppable

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